This cost me a lot.

When It was my ninth-grade summer going into my tenth-grade year of High School I made a mistake by following the crowd that cost me a lot.  Two of my best friend’s asked me to go to a theme park called Lake Winnipesaukah in Chattanooga TN just to have fun. We went down, we were having fun, riding rides, eating popcorn having a good time. This one ride was about to get on, was a water slide. As we were finishing the ride, a group of teens came rushing up to us as we were getting off. Apparently, my friend said something to one of the guy's girlfriends and he came to defend her honor. It was three of us, and six of them three boys three girls. We met up by the kiddie park, where my friend and this other kid started to argue. As they were quarreling walking around in circles throwing air punches at each other neither landing a punch, the other kid got close to me, when he did I closed lined him to the ground, And, my other two friends jumped on him punching and kicking. It was a lot of commotion, I remember the girls screaming and yelling. I jumped up, the kid was on his hands and knees, I heard security being yelled by one of his friends, I kicked the kid in the face and as I started to turn and run away I tore my knee to shreds. We got away, went to Taco Bell then came home. I wish I could turn the hands of time and just stay out of their business, or wishing my parents had the intuition to see the kids I was hanging with were not the best examples, but they where my friends and one still is and the other has passed away.  That incident, it cost me a lot. I had two knee surgeries in two weeks, four total surgeries and one knee replacement. I often think what my life would’ve been like if I would’ve never had the surgeries and been healthy playing football or if I would’ve stayed in Etowah how would my life be now. But I have come to terms that, this was my lot in life and the path that was chosen for me by God. I wish I could apologize to the kid I kicked in the face but it’s in the past and I’ve asked God for forgiveness. To the parents that read this, observe who your kids are hanging and associating with. You may have a proper child but one mistake could cost him or her a lot. To the kids that read this, Be true to yourself, don’t fall victim to peer pressure, don’t follow the crowds, stay focused on your goals, listen to your parents even though you think they’re wrong, we’ve been there and known what’s going on. I hope this helps someone and maybe changes someone’s future. -C.U.B.U.

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